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To help reduce discomfort or redness, we suggest applying soothing, pain-relieving numbing creams for added comfort. With 3 hours of pain relief is your solution for pain free tattoos. Let your artist be more concentrate in processing.

Tatto Collection

we manufacture and distribute our exclusive brand of Tattoo Numbing Cream & Spray

Numbing Cream

Painless Tattoo Cream is applied before tattooing begins (unbroken skin). Or, too any untouched areas. It needs be wrapped and sit for 45 minutes.

Numbing Spray

Painless Tattoo Spray is applied during the tattoo session (broken skin. It is best for tattoo sessions in which run longer than the duration of the cream (3-4 hours on avg).

Numbing Kits

Our Numbing Kits are specially designed to ensure a comfortable and virtually pain-free experience during tattooing, microblading, laser hair removal, and other skin procedures.

Active Ingredient

With 5% Lidocaine significantly reduces the pain

5% Lidocaine Spray Maximum Strength – This topical lidocaine numb spray enhanced with 0.25% Phenylephrine HCl, temporarily relieves pain, burning, and itching, reduces swelling, inflammation, soreness, and protects irritated skin


Clean & Dry




Wait & remove



I bought this specifically for my sternum tattoo but didn’t get it in time, however I’m working on my back piece to cover up several scars, which are wide and deep, this creamed helped SOOOO much, not only with just making the tattoo more bearable but helping with the pain around and on my scars.

James Oliver

I will absolutely be ordering this again. Haven’t had a tattoo in a very long time and lasted a couple hours with out. But tried this the second session and it worked wonders. Some spots were a little less numb but all in all it will be ordered again. Only downside is that it comes in such a small container.

Rosalee Melvin

The cream: worked great. Put it on 15min before my appt, wrapped it with cling wrap and left it on literally until it was time to start tattooing and i almost fell asleep because i was so comfortable. Didn’t start tattoo itself until about 45min after application, and I was comfy and numb for a full hour of tattooing.

Macie Naquin

For Any Pain Sensitive Treatment

Walk into your next tattoo appointment with confidence because you know it will be pain free.